General Conditions

Free of freight and packaging costs: 2.500 Euros VAT not included.
Minimum order 500 Euros

Dear Client,
Our merchandise is always shipped at recipient’s expense and risk. Whatever delivery or receipt deadline may be set, we will not liable to pay any compensations for delays in delivery. In order to be considered valid, all claims must be made as soon as the goods are received, complaints in the case of damaged goods to be addressed to the haulier, who is solely responsable. The purchaser must lodge a complaint, marking the specific points on the delivery note and sending fax to the haulier and tot ARTISTAR Alf 98 within the subsequent 24 hours.
Small packet service. after receipt of payment, the order will be despatched at the recipient’s risk.

Transport cost (on invoice) for England – Wales – Scotland
from 500 to 1.100 Euros – 15% of invoiced price
from 1.100 to 2.500 Euros – 10% of invoiced price
Transport cost (on invoice) for Ireland
from 500 to 1.100 Euros – 18% of invoiced price
from 1.100 to 2.500 Euros – 12% of invoiced price
Transport cost for other regions-island on demand

1- By chek if your case is accepted by the credit insurance ITP
-Payement within 30 days up to 600 Euros
-Payement within 60 days for sums above 600 Euros
2- Should your case be refused by the credit insurance
-Payement in advance upon recepit of the pro forma invoice to Artistar Alf 98.
For all advance payments, 3% discount.
-Non-payment by the agreed due date will automatically incur an increase in the credit demanded of 1.5% per month, and suspension of deliveries.
-Orders are delivered only after the previous order has been paid in full.
-All orders imply in all cases the acceptance of tese conditions. In case of legal dispute, the only competent courts shall be those of Girona.
-All our sales are made on the basis of reserved title of ownership; transfer of ownership of the materials sold to the purchaser is suspended until payment in full of the price thereof is made.